“…our sista’s of the Northwest whose thoughts, feelings and attitudes closely match those of another; a kindred spirit”


“Our SOULSISTA tribe is a strong movement of like minded women who come together on a daily basis to improve their mind, body and soul through conversation, support and movement.
Our SOULSISTA’s first began in May 2006, where we recognised a place was needed for women to meet and support each other in the isolated environments we lived in of the Pilbara, Kimberley and Northern Territory. Together we show support for charity, for our acceptance of all in our communities and respect for each other.

Becoming a SOULSISTA of the Northwest means you are joining a strong force of women, who embrace the power of our bodies and recognise the benefits of supporting each other through the good and tough times.

When you are around a true SOULSISTA, your chemistry changes. It doesn’t matter if she is your younger or older sista, a friend you met at the gym or a women you spoke to while grocery shopping. She is someone who accepts you – all of you. Every women deserves to belong to our tribe of SOULSISTA’s.”
Cindy Kempton

$1 is donated to our local women’s refuges for each article of SOULSISTA merchandise purchased throughout the Pilbara, Kimberley and Northern Territory.

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