SOULZONE training!! Be prepared to shake up your training for some serious results!

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Class Descriptions

Soul Spin & Core | High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) session with our Soul Spin & Core class. Utilizing indoor bikes, this dynamic workout is designed for fast and effective results. Engage in intervals of high-intensity cycling, seamlessly intertwined with targeted abs and core exercises that push your limits.

Soul Body Blast | Ignite every inch of your body in our Full Body Blast Circuit class! This high energy workout is a dynamic fusion of strength and cardio exercises strategically to target all major muscle groups.

Soul Strong | Invigorating resistance training workout class to challenge and transform your muscles. Using a variety of resistance tools such as bands, weights, and bodyweight exercises. The focus is on controlled movements, proper form, and intentional muscle engagement, ensuring you achieve maximum results.

Soul Booty | The ultimate class for sculpted glutes and for anyone looking to enhance their lower body strength This class is specifically designed to target and tone your booty while providing a fun and energetic workout experience.

Soul Hybrid | Whether you’re looking to build strength, enhance your cardiovascular endurance, or improve flexibility, this class is designed to accommodate diverse fitness goals.

Bike, Box & Burn | A high-energy fusion class that combines the power of indoor cycling with the intensity of boxing for an exhilarating and calorie-torching workout experience!

Strength & Conditioning | Class to guide you through a variety of resistance exercises that target major muscle groups, promoting muscle growth, toning, and improved overall strength.