Life and Soul Membership Conditions

1. Every July, membership prices may be subject to a CPI rise. Management reserve the right to increase membership prices as they see fit.

2. Members must register at the 24-hour card reader or the front reception reader upon arrival and scan their membership fob tag.

3. Should a membership fob tag be lost, a nominal fee of $20 will be levied against the member. Membership fob tags shall remain the property of the member.

4. Members must ensure that the appropriate dress standards are maintained. A sweat towel must be used at all times during workouts, including group fitness classes. Closed shoes must be worn at all times.

5. No food or drink, except water and sport drinks, are allowed with in the gym or group fitness classes.

6. Smoking is not permitted at all within or outside the premises of Life & Soul Health Club

7. No private business, including personal training, may be conducted within Life & Soul without the prior written consent of Management.

8. A parent/guardian must supervise persons under the age of 16, unless authorized by Management. Persons 16-18 must have a fitness assessment and program by the Staff, to be able to use the gymnasium.

9. Bookings are essential for the crèche and must be done online 24hrs in advance. The crèche may be used for periods up to 1 & ½ hours per day during any 1 visit, during which time a parent must be present on premises. Children over the age of 12 or under the age of 8 weeks will not be admitted to the crèche. This is subject to change during school holidays under management discretion. Additional fee of $9.50 per week for unlimited  creche entry, or alternatively casual payment of $7.50 is required for each booking.

10. Members must notify Life & Soul in writing of any change of address.

11. Members can suspend their membership on Direct Debit and 6 and 12 Month up front memberships only (excludes SoulSavers/3 Day Sales). Members are unable to suspend on any other membership. Members with a 12-month membership may suspend their membership for a maximum of 6 weeks and a minimum of 7 days. A direct debit membership can be suspended for free for up to 6 weeks every 12 months and for up to 8 weeks at $5.00 per week every 12 months. The direct debit minimum term payment installments will be suspended during the period of suspension and will resume once the period of suspension finishes. A suspension request form is required to be completed and returned to administration.

12. Transferred memberships will incur a $75 administration fee and may only be permitted at the discretion of Management.

13. Management reserves the right to refuse or cancel the membership of any person.

14. Management reserves the right to review and implement new pricing structures at the beginning of each month as they see fit.

15. Should any question or interpretation on construction of these rules and regulations arise, then the decision by Management in relation to that question shall be final. Any claims for compensation, damages or refunds against Life and Soul are subject to the approval by Management.

16. Members are entitled to a reassessment and program every 6 weeks of their membership.

17. Members will not be reimbursed for lost days during their membership due to public holidays, Christmas breaks or the like, or due to the closure of the club due to unforeseen circumstances.

18. Completion of the membership agreement and receipt of first payment is taken on confirmation of membership.

19. Once outside the minimum term of your membership, changes to your membership without penalty are possible, provided you give at least 14 days’ notice in writing.

20. Member payers opting for the minimum 3mth term memberships, that continue past 6mths, the onus is upon the member to discuss change of rate options with Management.

21. A cooling off period of 48 hours applies to all new membership contracts, effective from time and date of signing of agreement (less the administration fee).

22. Membership is fixed for the term of the arrangement.

23. Members must agree to follow all Life & Soul Health Club terms and conditions.

24. I agree that the membership fees are not refundable and I agree and understand that non usage of the gym does not allow early termination of this agreement nor does it warrant a refund of any type. I also agree and understand that non usage of the gym does not affect any payment terms and conditions of this agreement and that Life & Soul is in no way responsible for my level of usage of the gym.

Cooling Off Period

1. This membership is subject to a 48 hour cooling off period. This means you can cancel your membership agreement, without needing to give cause or reason, during the 48 hours immediately after both you and the Life & Soul representative have signed the membership agreement. This cancellation must be in writing and given to us before the end of the 48 hour cooling off period, in order to be effective. A refund will be given, less administration fee of $75 and any costs incurred during the membership i.e. fitness services, products etc. No refunds will be given after the 48 hour cooling off period.

Payment Declaration

I agree that the liability for the direct debit shall continue as agreed, notwithstanding my frequency of attendance at the Club or should I cease to attend altogether. Any refunds are subject to Management approval. As a member I shall cease to have any rights to the center should full payment not be received by the due date, at the discretion of Management. As a member, I shall pay all costs of the collection of the monies due including any debt collector fees, legal fees or other costs payable by my defaults.

I acknowledge that I have read and understood all of the above provisions as well as the Membership Conditions and acknowledge that my membership is a legally binding contract and I agree to observe and be bound by it.

Direct Debit Conditions

1. All conditions stated in Direct Debit Request Form shall apply
2. Early Cancellation fee of $199.00 if membership is cancelled inside the selected minimum term period
3. Cancellation Request Form to be completed and returned with 14 days’ prior written notice for all cancellations. The onus is on the payer to confirm receipt of form.
4. All memberships are based on a minimum term selected – either 3mths or 6mths, payments continue till further notice or until written notice is provided to cancel membership contract

Personal Training Conditions

1. There is a 12-hour cancellation policy on all Personal Training appointments clients who fail to notify (within 12hrs) or no show for their appointment will be charged for that session
2. Personal training sessions cannot be transferred across to another member without the authority of the Personal Training Manager. The normal transfer fee of $75 will apply.
3. All packages, including 12 week challenges, Soul Results, Soul Achiever and Soul Angels are valid for the length of the membership stated. e.g If a 12-week challenge begins on the 1st January it shall finish on the 31st March, regardless of the amount of personal training sessions left over. Management has the right to review all packages and circumstances at the time and an administration fee of $75 will apply.
4. Personal training passes are valid for 6 months unless otherwise stated
5. Personal training membership option, has a use it or lose it criteria for their sessions a week. ie. If you miss a session it can be made up in that week but not carried over into the following week.


Membership Hold Periods:     NIL Hold periods apply, no exceptions.

Membership Upgrades:   NO upgrades available. No other types of Memberships or Business discounts apply, no exceptions.

Membership Transfers:  NON Transferable, no exceptions.

Membership Refund:  NO REFUNDS APPLY, no exceptions.

Special Conditions: Not available with any other offer, membership must commence by 30/06/2019,
maximum 1 membership per person, cannot be added on to existing membership NO exceptions

3 Day Sale F45 1mth Membership: NEW MEMBERS ONLY,Not available with any other offer,
membership must commence at time of purchase, maximum 2 membership per person – used
consequentially for a total of 2mths only, cannot be added on to existing membership NO exceptions.

Membership Assessment: Initial full assessment and program with trainer available. Additional reassessments
every 6-8 weeks with Trainers are available. Appointments are essential and are to be booked at reception or

3 Day Sale Membership Inclusions: Full Gym access, Full Group Fitness access, unlimited SPRINT and RPM
classes available (to be booked online weekly – placement may not be available)

3 Day Sale Plus Membership Inclusions: Full Gym access, Full Group Fitness access, unlimited SPRINT and
RPM classes available (to be booked online weekly – placement may not be available) PLUS unlimited Little
Soulers Creche **T&Cs apply (to be booked 24hs in advance – placement may not be available)

No negotiation to the above conditions will be entered into. Membership Terms and Conditions must be

• 1 There is a 12-hour cancellation policy on all Personal Training appointments clients who fail to notify (within 12hrs) or no show for their appointment will be charged for that session
• 2 All packages are valid for the length of the membership stated. CCC2018 Starts on Monday 15th October it shall finish on the Sunday 25th November.
• 3 Group/Personal Training session has a use it or lose it criteria for their sessions a week. ie. If you miss a session it can be made up in that week but not carried over into the following week.
Helloworld Terms and Conditions 2018
• Prizes are not transferable or exchangeable and cannot be taken as cash (unless stated is a cash prize). No responsibility is accepted for any variation in the value of the prize. No discussion into winner selection will be entered into, and Managements winner selections are final.
The Terms and Conditions that apply to the Flight Vouchers for the 2018 Christmas Cracker Challenge winners are as follows:
1. The Winners of Life & Soul’s 2018 Christmas Cracker Challenge in Karratha and Hedland will each win 1x $1500 Flight Voucher and the winner in Derby will win 1x $750 Flight Voucher.
2. Flight Vouchers can only be redeemed at Helloworld Travel Karratha, by calling Cassie Perry (Helloworld Travel Karratha owner) on 9185 1777 or 0409 290 020, or speaking with her in-store in the Karratha City Shopping Centre, weekdays between 9am-5pm or on Saturdays 9am-2pm.
3. Flights redeemed from these Flight Vouchers must be booked and travelled by 31/12/2019.
4. Minimum 60 days advance notice is needed to book these flights.
5. Flights are subject to availability on requested dates and times of travel, and only to and from the airports listed above.
6. Once booked, the flights cannot be changed or transferred.
7. The winner of a Flight Voucher must redeem the prize in one booking, where the total value of the flight/s is equal to or greater than the value stated on the Flight Voucher. The winner is responsible to pay for any costs incurred in the booking, for costs over and above the Flight Voucher value. In the event where the value of the flight redeemed is less than value stated on the Flight Voucher, the remaining balance of the Flight Voucher will be forfeited and will no longer be redeemable for future bookings.
8. The Winner is responsible for any additional costs incurred with their travel (for example, car hire, accommodation, travel insurance etc).
9. Airline reward points are not accruable.
10. Travel must be taken as flights and cannot be exchanged for cash, foreign exchange or online bookings.
11. Proof of identity will be required to redeem a Flight Travel Voucher. All costs associated with redeeming a Flight Voucher is the sole responsibility of the Winner and will not, under any circumstances, be compensated by the Helloworld Travel Karratha. For the avoidance of doubt, costs include, without limitation, travel, parking and telephone costs.

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