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Let our Yoga Instructors take you on a journey of relaxation and strength for your mind and body.
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MondayVinyasa5.45pm - 6.45pmBriony
TuesdayVinyasa5.30am - 6.30amBriony
FridayVinyasa5.30am - 6.30amNicole
SaturdayVinyasa7.10am - 8.10amLea
Vinyasa Yoga | Dynamic class designed to build heat and strength. Suited to all levels.

Meet our Yoga Instructors

Nicole Roukens

Nicole will be taking you on your Yoga journey:

“I have always been passionate about physical activity and the benefits it brings to the body and mind. This passion drew me to studying exercise science and rehabilitation at university, providing me with a strong understanding of the body and exercise principles. In later years I started teaching the Les Mills Body Balance program. Loving movement to music and the beautiful flow of this class. I have always loved learning and this drew me to completing my STOTT Pilates mat qualification.

Yoga is a beautiful practice for calming the body and centring the mind. I was first exposed to Yoga in high school and have always been drawn back.It started to become more important in my life following the birth of my first child and my need to create mental space and peace.

After having my second child I decided I needed to make some time for myself and do something I have always wanted to do – learn more about Yoga, its philosophy and complete my teacher training.

This has been such a special self-development opportunity and now I am able to share the practice with other yoga lovers on the mat.

I love flowing sequences, precise technique, connection with the breath and practicing movements that we can take into our later life.”

Briony Campion

“I have always loved to move my body and initially I viewed yoga purely as physical exercise, gravitating towards the more dynamic flows.

However, eventually I become curious about what lies beyond the physical aspects of Yoga. What I found was a spiritual practice, involving turning inwards and connecting with myself.

From this I felt a strong desire to share yoga with others. I like to teach strong and slow, with a focus on leaning in to the feelings- both physical and emotional- that can arise.

One of the biggest gifts I received from Yoga is to become more self-aware and observe the layers of consciousness that exist within all of us.

My goal as a yoga teacher is to share authentically how Yoga helped me to live everyday day life with a little richer understanding of the incredible journeys that we all go through.”

Lea Christine Happes

200hrs registered Yoga teacher, had first planted the seed of concept of Yoga in her mid teens, when being introduced to a practicing group in a small village in Italy, by her most admired “yogi” her mum!

But it hasn’t been until her travels to Australia in her early twenties, that she has dedicated a committed everyday practice @The Raw Kitchen Yoga Studio, while living in Fremantle, and being led by her loving and supportive teachers through Hatha and mainly Vinyasa classes, creating here the foundation of her practice.

When moving to Broome and finding a sacred yoga space she began exploring a dynamic yoga practice. This included Iyengar Yoga and meditation classes, her practice not only remained a passion but also flourished as a way of living, and created curiosity and desire in deepening her knowledge.

After one year of a Hatha Vinyasa Flow teacher training @The Yoga Space, Lea, is still dedicated to an everyday disciplined practice, balancing led classes with self practice, in order to explore the growing awareness of the body and mind connected by the breath, in each Asana, with the intention to spread the science and art of yoga as felt by her with “love from the heart”, keeping the aim to plant seeds of awareness and connectedness through dynamic vinyasa flow sequences, emphasising on alignment in the various postures, while keeping the pace through the breath leading the movements, enabling her students to explore and flourish through their active engagement, preparing the body and mind for a conclusion of the class in a basic and still meditation practice!

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Saturday 31st August 2019 | 2.00pm – 4.00pm | The Loft – 12 Frederick Street, Broome


Ayurveda is an ancient system of health and wellness.

According to Ayurveda, everything that exists in the universe is made up of the five elements; earth, water, fire, air and space (ether). We all contain these same five elements in different amounts, creating our Doshas: Vata, Pitta and Kapha.

Join Briony on this Workshop and you will identify your Dosha, work through a Yoga Flow and finish with a home cook Ayurvedic Kitchari.


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$35 | Life & Soul and F45 Members
$45 | Non Members

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