Life and Soul have created the RESET fitness challenge to educate you on the benefits of mixing up your training, the importance of using the correct technique and to RESET your fitness goals. With the guidance of our RESET coaches you will feel empowered, stronger and confident to achieve your 2022 fitness goals!

What is the RESET challenge? 4 weeks of solid training, combining online workouts and in club workouts.

What does RESET 2022 Challenge Include?


  • 4 Weeks of solid training of your choice
  • 20 RESET Workouts with your on-line coach (1 workout Monday – Friday), with educational sessions to compliment these workouts
  • On-line workouts will be available on our RESET Closed Facebook page
  • 4 RESET Yoga/Pilates sessions Online
  • 4 ‘weekend RESET small group training workouts’ (1 per weekend)
  • train with your fellow RESETTERS on the gym floor educating you on the use of equipment and functionality of the gym
  • 2 x Health Assessments , including 2 Inbody scans – 1 at beginning and 1 at the end of challenge
  • Fitness Challenge – 1 completed at the start and 1 completed at the end of challenge


  • Closed Facebook page and email support
  • RESETTER of the Week Award
  • RESET Towel and Water bottle
  • MYZONE RESET Challenge
  • Chance to be crowned Life and Soul’s RESET Champion at your club
  • Chance to win amazing prizes
  • Entry into Life and Soul’s RESET after ‘breaky’


  • Goal Setting
  • Supplement guidelines recommendations
  • Weekly educational workshops with health professionals
  • Womens Wellness Workshops that affect our training


Members of Life and Soul & F45 Training 

Broome, Karratha, Port Hedland |  $99 per person

Derby | $55 per person

Non Members – Includes 4 weeks membership

Life and Soul – Broome, Karratha, Port Hedland | $197 or 4 equal payments of $49.25

 Life and Soul – Derby | $133  or 4 equal payments of $33.25

F45 Training | $335 or 4 equal payments of $83.75 | Please contact 9193 7791

How to Sign up? Either come into the club and sign up or click below to do it all ONLINE!


RESET is designed to educate you on training not only in the gym but also outside of the gym, exploring other forms of exercise and movement.
RESETTERS will complete a fitness test along with an Inbody Scan at the beginning of the Challenge and at the end of the Challenge. The date for these tests will be communicated to you via your club. This fitness test is for you to see how you have improved within a month of solid training. You will also attend a Fitness Assessment with your RESET Coach, at this assessment measurements will be taken and your goals will be recorded.

Monday to Friday 1 workout per day will be uploaded to our Closed Facebook page. These workouts will be taken by your Head Coach Jayden (see his bio here). You are encouraged to take this workout onto the gym floor and complete that days workout. There will be a different workout, focusing on different parts of the body, every day! You will not get bored with these workouts!!

Every Saturday or Sunday there will be a RESET Team workout with your fellow RESETTERS and your Club Coach on the gym floor. You must book into these sessions as we have limited numbers per session (1 session per week). Once you have joined our RESET community, your club will be in contact to advise on these session days and times.

Sundays we will have a Yoga/Pilates workout uploaded to the Closed Facebook Page. These workouts are a huge part of this challenge, you will learn the importance of stretching, mobility, yoga and pilates, and how this is important to include in your exercise routine.

We will run Educational workshops from health professionals.

For the women who are doing the challenge we will have a Women's Wellness Workshop. This workshop will cover how your hormones and other factors can affect your training.....guys...this workshop could be useful for you too. Learning about hormones and the effect it can have on your training is interesting!!!

To set yourself up for success, we encourage you to purchase a MYZONE belt. For our RESET Challengers you can purchase a belt for $99 from reception. We will be running MYZONE challenges throughout the 4 weeks. You will also understand how important it is for your training to track and be accountable for how you train! MYZONE is a fantastic tool to push yourself to achieve your goals.

Be clear on your goals and what you would like to achieve out of this challenge. This challenge is for everyone from the beginner to someone who has been training for years. You will learn the correct techniques for lifting weights, you will gain an understanding of movement and the benefits your body will receive from this. Our Coaches are full of knowledge and they are bursting at the seams to share it with you, so that you can be the best version of yourself.

Yes we will have an after party to celebrate your the commitment that you made to yourself over the past 4 weeks! We will announce the RESET Champion 2022 for each club.
Our RESET Champions for 2022 will be judged through the progress you have made with your training in the 4 week challenge. How much you have increased in strength, technique, agility and cardio fitness. It is not judged through the scales!

What to do now!

Take the plunge and join us on this new Challenge….You won’t regret it! JOIN NOW!

Meet your RESET Head Coach

Jayden Veljacich

Jayden has a huge background in all types of training, which makes him very passionate about helping others be an all-round fitter and stronger human. He believes that having the education and knowledge on many types of workout styles and methods, helps you learn about your body and what is best for you. Has has a great experience in many different training methods which he cant wait to share his knowledge and help our RESETTERS in.