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Christmas Cracker Challenge 2021

Published: 27 September 2021

Life & Soul’s Annual 6 week Christmas Cracker Challenge begins on Monday 18th October 2021.



“The results I achieved were amazing and I can’t thank the staff enough at life and soul for motivating and pushing all of us hard in all our workouts. Jess, thanks for the great meal plan and webinars, I’ve learnt a lot and will look to carry this lifestyle on for my family and myself!” – 2019 Port Hedland Winner – Logan Wichman

What’s Included:


  • 6 Weeks of exclusive training with Life and Soul or F45 Training
  • 6 x ‘Cracker Inspired’ Sessions each week
  • 6 x Super Saturday or Sunday Group Sessions
  • Fitness challenge at start and finish of 6 week challenge
  • 2 x health checks face to face
  • Inbody Scan – Click here to read all about the Inbody Scan.
  • Weekly Yoga & Meditation Videos
  • Fitness training programs
  • Aqua Aerobics Session


  • Complete nutritional support with meal plans and recipes by Jess Wilson Nutrition
  • Exclusive nutritional seminar via our Facebook Page by Jess Wilson Nutrition
  • Maintenance meal plan once 6 week challenge has finished
  • 6 x Cracker Wellness workshops delivered  by Jess Wilson Nutrition


  • 24/7 support through email and private Facebook page
  • Mental Health Workshops with Kylianne Farrell founder of Move for Mental Health PLUS Move for Mental Health EBOOK
  • Exclusive Christmas Cracker Wellness Diary
  • Community Cracker Feast


  • Discounted rate on MYZONE belt – $99 (saving of $30)
  • Discounted rate on all supplements sold at your club
  • FREE Entry into Life and Soul’s Annual Members Christmas Party


  • ‘Cracker of the Week’ awards
  • MYZONE Cracker challenges
  • Plus bonus weekly challenges
  • Cracker Bingo


  • Merchandise Pack on sign up (limited packs available)
  • Amazing Prizes from our valued sponsors
  • Chance to be crowned Life and Soul’s Christmas Cracker Wellness Champion 2021

Advanced Cracker Option:

For 2021 we have created A NEW Advanced Cracker* Option. This has been created for members who have completed our Cracker program more than twice. Choosing to do the Advanced Cracker provides you with a deeper Nutritional understanding, guided by Jess Wilson.  Suitable for regular cracker participants who has completed 2 or more crackers. The Advanced Cracker is for members who have previous experience with detoxing and cleansing and a basic understanding of gut health.

The Advanced Cracker Membership needs to be joined at the club after a discussion with our Chief Cracker. If you have further questions regarding the Advanced Cracker option please fill out the contact us form at the bottom of the page.

Advanced Cracker includes all the above Cracker benefits PLUS;

When our bodies need a shake up, this powerful 3 day super-cleanse is a great way to start feeling better, fast!

A fully guided three day wholefoods detox, designed to get on top of those sugar cravings, kickstart your energy levels and clear the way for a new healthier you!

Developing a healthy relationship with food is the number one secret ingredient to long term sustainable eating.

Between our busy schedules, poor diet choices and lifestyle and social commitments, we often become disconnected to our bodies and develop an unhealthy mindset around food. Jess Wilsons '10 Steps To Healing Your Relationship With Food' will help you uncover some of your roadblocks to success, and take you through a journey of learning to love and nourish your body again.... without the yo-yo cycle!

Week One: Finding the problems

Week Two: Discussing the solutions

Digestion is one of the first foundations of health.

When it’s working optimally, you feel great and your body is energised and well nourished. When it’s not working well, you sure do know about it!

Fatigue, bloating, brain fog, mood swings, constipation, loose bowels, food sensitivities, joint pain and poor skin and immune health are just some of many symptoms you may experience when your gut is out of balance.

The good news is, diet is always the first place to start! Your microbiome thrives on a wide variety of whole, nourishing foods and you can go a long way to healing your gut simply by removing the harmful, processed foods and putting the right things back in.

Jess's '4 Week Get Your Gut Right' eCourse is the perfect whole foods reset for your gut. Together, we will work through a process of removing, repairing, reviving and rebalancing your digestive health so that you can get back to feeling your best!

Course outline:

WEEK 1: REMOVE - removing harmful foods

WEEK 2: REPAIR - adding in healing foods

WEEK 3: REVIVE - feeding your microbiome

WEEK 4: REBALANCE - rebalancing diet, lifestyle, sleep and stress

How it works:

Each week, starting from the day after you signed up, you will receive an email that will give you access to the following (from week 2 in Cracker):

• Topic and Action Plan for that week;

• Educational Video for that week.

• Bonus Recipes for that week.

What’s Included

- 4 Week Fully Online Guided Course

- Weekly Videos

- Weekly Tips

- Bonus Weekly Recipes

*Conditions apply.

What is the 2021 Christmas Cracker Challenge all about?….Have a listen to the founder of the Cracker Challenge, Cindy.

Visit your clubs page for more information

One Category for 2021

Cracker Wellness

Our 2021 Christmas Cracker Challenge is taking a slightly different direction this year. We want you to Re-energise and Reconnect by bringing all our communities together and experiencing wholesome eating, wellness and mental health education, yoga, meditation and a consistent training plan.

Your trainers will help you set your goals for the next 6 weeks, whether it be weight loss, strength or creating a consistent training programme, we are with you every step of your journey.


Cracker Wellness Workshops!

An exciting component to Christmas Cracker 2021 is our ‘Cracker Wellness’. Cracker Wellness will be run by Jess Wilson, Functional Nutritionist. Jess is an expert in her field and will be supporting you throughout your Cracker journey. Jess will be conducting 6 workshops on the following topics:

These Workshops will be live videos via our closed Christmas Cracker Facebook page.

Cracker Mental Health Workshops!

We recognise that 2021 has been a particularly tough year and adjusting to the new norm. Because of this, an exciting new addition to our Christmas Cracker 2021 is our ‘Cracker Mental Wellness’ workshops presented by Kylianne Farrell from ‘Move for Mental Health’. Kylianne is an ecotherapist, counsellor, fitness industry educator and presenter, personal trainer, mental health first aid instructor, mental health advocate, and founder of the Move For Mental Health Initiative. Kylianne is here to support you for the entire 42 days of Cracker. Kylianne will be presenting 2 workshops on Mental health, including:

These Workshops will be live videos via our closed Christmas Cracker Facebook page.

Meet Katie from Broome, Michael from Karratha, Kelly from Port Hedland and Kristian from Derby. They all did the Christmas Cracker Challenge last year, here what they have to say about their experience doing the Cracker!

Visit your clubs page for more information

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    Amazing Prizes To Be WON!!

    We have some amazing prizes to be won this year. We can’t thank our sponsors enough for their support of the 2021 Christmas Cracker Challenge.

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