Below are some of the great testimonials from our gym members!

– AMY CASE  – Broome Life and Soul Member since 2009

I joined the gym just 3 months after having my third, and last child. It was my time where I was doing something for myself. I had a goal, which was to get my body and health in better shape than it had ever been before.

Life and Soul is a fantastic gym it has something for everyone. The crèche facilities have been a god send, without them it would have been too difficult for me. I found the group fitness classes were fantastic as the trainers were great in motivating me to put in everything I had and when times were tough, again, they gave me the strength to keep on moving! I love socialising so being able to smile and have a laugh while working out with friends again was a lot of fun! I was unsure about some of the classes to begin with but knowing there were friendly trainers in the room along with old and new friends made through the gym it was so enjoyable. People who I met through Life and Soul Gym have also helped me in realise what I can do with a little bit of guidance and practice. The equipment and facilities at Life and Soul make this possible and I have never seen a better gym!

I will never stop exercising now it makes me feel so good and confident in everything I do I have learnt to push my body to where I want it to be. It takes time and everyone’s body is different. It wasn’t so much the number on the scales for me although it did help in motivating me, but more so about how I felt and looked in the clothes I wanted to wear. Food and exercise go hand in hand in working together to lose weight and tone and I identified what I can and can’t eat with the help of the staff at the gym. Don’t get me wrong there were days when I would eat what I wanted but soon learnt that I had to put in twice as much time and energy to work off what I had eaten in order to reach my goal. My diet now consists of meals that are the healthier alternative to some foods…. simple!

What I have achieved at Life and Soul Gym has not only made me physically healthier and happier, but mentally has taught me that with focus and determination I can do whatever I set my mind to. The talented trainers have played a large role in helping me reach my goals with their energetic, caring, motivating, fun loving personalities it has made exercise for me, FUN!! It’s a lifestyle change not a diet or quick fix, I fit in exercise anywhere I can into my busy daily schedule…no excuses! I am amazed at how far my body has come and cannot want to see where it can go.

– BEC WADGE – Broome Life and Soul Member since 2008

When I walked through the doors at Life and Soul for the first time 6 years ago I was committed to making a big change to my body. I started by attending a few classes, and after seeing some great results from there it became an addiction.

Since then I’ve gained more lean muscle and decreased my body fat by 8%!! I have also achieved goals along the way such as attaining my Certificate 3 and 4 in Fitness. Early in 2014 Cindy approached me and asked me if I would train for the up and coming INBA Figure Fitness Championships. I needed a goal to strive for – so I went for it. Yes, it was hard work, yes, I had to be very strict with my diet – but the positive results I achieved far out weighed any hard work put in! I ended up winning Figure Novice, Figure Maters AND the overall Figure Fitness Champion of the contest – I am very proud of what I have accomplished and proud that I am a Mum of two and been able to accomplish my dreams and goals.

Thankyou to Life and Soul (members and staff) – with out Life and Soul my dreams would not be a reality

– KARLI LINIKER – Broome Life and Soul Member since 2008

I love being a member of Life & Soul and have regular personal training sessions with Pauline who has designed a program to progress the overall strengthening of my muscles through weight training and ensure that my body strength is maintained and developed. I have scoliosis and it is important that I maintain my fitness.

I enjoy the supportive gym environment and have not only built up my fitness levels, but also my self-motivation, health and well-being so that I can remain a fit and healthy person able to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. I have got a lot of benefits from the gym … I cannot carry them in my hands … but they will last me a lifetime


– NISSA COLLINS – Broome Life and Soul Member since 2008

I have had two children in the past 3.5yrs and although I exercised throughout both pregnancies, I also ate what I wanted and gained weight each time. After having my 2nd child, I took on a 12 week program through Life and Soul and discovered some new styles of training – such as boxing and TABATA. I also became very interested in weight training and researched a lot into nutrition. I did some light training from about 7 weeks post pregnancy and built up to starting strength training properly at about 4mths – within 6mths I had returned to my pre-pregnancy weight and achieved a much better body shape with more muscle tone. I put my success down to three things;

  1. Strength training (weights) has changed my attitude to exercise – I now love it!
  2. Since training on the gym more, I am more flexible with my time and that fits around family;
  3. Exercise is something I do for ‘me’. I do an hour in the gym, on my own, with music and no children – ‘whats not to love about that?’

Achieving these results has made me realize that where I used to fall back on the attitude that ‘I’m just a bigger build’ or ‘kids ruined my body’ – I now know that this was just an excuse and it is possible to change your body shape, if you are prepared to change the way you do things. I now know I can achieve results that I didn’t think were possible before and that drives me to keep pushing myself – my mindset has changed and I’ve learnt not to put limitations on myself.

– FRAN MINCHIN – Karratha Life and Soul Member since 2006

Life and Soul for me is my meeting place for like minded friends, a place I either love or hate depending on which class I am doing, and the staff/instructors are amazing, approachable and helpful.
I have seen the gym grow from a seedy nightclub to an incredible place to train and feel good aboutyoruself. Each makeover the gym has had has seen it get brighter, bigger and better. I love all the sayings around the walls – these have kept me going quite a few times when I have been tired.

I love the variety of the classes, the launch days and all the challenges such as Grit Chicks and Christmas Cracker.

It never ceases to amaze me how when I change a class or after a new launch there is another area or muscle that can hurt. The amazing instructors will push me I need it or bring me out of my dream world if I have drifted off somewhere.
I keep coming back because the gym helps me to feel good about myself, encourages me to go further than I think I can, assists me to obtain my goals in the challenges, and promotes me to “have fun”.
Is the pain worth it? Yes! Is my commitment worth it? Yes! I might go up and down with my weight (school holidays this happens) however there is always a new challenge or new class just around the corner and my body gets right back to where I want it to be.

THANKYOU Life and Soul and all the Staff!

PLEASE NOTE: the building which Life and Soul is home to, use to be Karratha’s local nightclub – it turned into a Health Club in 2003!

– MIRANDA PICKERING –  Karratha Life and Soul Member since 2006

I have always been a fit and healthy person and love to train – but I felt I needed something more. 13 weeks before the INBA Fitness Model Comp was due to be held, I decided this was the goal I needed to strive for – and that was it! I always look through magazines and see pictures of other girls competing and think WOW! I’d love to do that. So I did! I love my fitness – especially running and keeping fit to teach Attack and Pump. Now the training was different – big weights with low reps – all I can say is OUCH! At the start it was really hard and I was getting very sore. As the sessions went on, I got stronger – mentally and physically. My week of training consisted of;

Monday – rest day
Tuesday – bicep, tricel and chest
Wednesday – legs
Thursday – cardio
Friday – cardio
Saturday – Shoulders and back
Sunday – legs, abs and cardio
Working a 50hr week made it hard at times, especially during night shift. Getting up at 3.45am to train before work was my least favourite thing! Dieting was the other challenge – Iv’e always eaten what I liked, when I liked, so eating strictly was definitely required me to be disciplined. There were days that I did not follow my diet, there were days that I didn’t get all my training in, but you can’t let those days get you down. I found I just had to forget about that day and look forward to the next one and just try harder. Never give up on your dreams, no-one is perfect and I was far from it with my journey and all I can say to anybody looking for a goal is to decode what you want and make a start, and take it day by day. Hopefully INBA will be back next year and we will see more Life and Soul girls and guys competing – it was by far the best experience of my life and I’m looking forward to the next challenge I set myself!

– ALI BALINSKI – Karratha Life and Soul Member since 2006

Firstly, I am enjoying my training as I have mixed it up the past 6 months and added in more of the group fitness classes. I prefer classes over the gym floor – the instructors are motivating, knowledgeable and there is no time for a social chit chat during the class (plenty before and after). I did sometimes go off track when I was doing my own workouts!

I am loving Grit. It was my aim to gain more upper body strength this year! Grit along with Tabata and Step are helping me with this – believe it or not I LOVE BURPEES!!!

Life and Soul is like one big family , which is why I keep coming back. Many friendships have been made within Life and Soul and I am continuing to meet new people, whether it be staff or members. We all have the same interests – face it, we wouldn’t be there if we didn’t have one common interest to get fit and lead an active healthy lifestyle!

Life and Soul Christmas Cracker Winner, 2013

Life and Soul Member since 2011
Having been a member of Life and Soul for over 2 years – it was time to step it up. I love the social aspect of the gym and absolutely love group fitness. I had seen friends achieve amazing results on previous Life and Soul Challenges, but I was hesitant to commit to one for the fear of failure. With the support and encouragement of Life and Soul’s personal trainers and staff, I signed up for the Christmas Cracker Challenge 2013. I pushed myself each day and refused to stop even when I was crying from exhaustion. My biggest challenge was nutrition (especially breakfast!) – with Life and Souls meal plans and Abundance Health ‘Shake It’ program, I was able to drop body fat at a consistent rate.

I ask questions, lots of questions – about everything! The staff, trainers and members were always willing to share their knowledge and of course give constant motivation. Winning the ‘Cracker’ is a highlight of my life and has certainly changed the way I live, I would rcommend it to anyone.

The way I train now has changed drastically – I now train with weights and work with a Personal Trainer twice a week. I now do BOOTCAMP, RPM, GRIT and group PT. I am now studying to be a Personal Trainer myself and would love to share my experience with others. I have met so many new friends and accomplished many new goals with Life and Soul – all with a positive attitude and giant smile on my face – if your not having fun, then there is no point. “Don’t be afraid to take a chance on yourself and change your life!”

PLEASE NOTE: Danielles husband also trains with Life and Soul and has lost 33kgs – their children eat better and now see that exercising and going to the gym is a normal part of life.


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