starts 3rd May 2021

21 days clean

Published: 14 April 2021

21 DAYS to Renew YOU… Eat Clean, healthy nutritious foods, reduce your toxic load, lessen your stress levels…. Create a healthy & happy Mindset

STARTS Monday 3rd May 2021

Here’s the lowdown:

  • 21 Days Meal Plan including shopping list, Professional Nutritional Guidance by Jess Wilson of Paradigm Shift Nutrition
  • 3 Day Detox with daily meal plans and recipes
  • Support and guidance for full 21 days by Jess Wilson of Paradigm Shift Nutrition
  • Private FB page including recipes, motivation and support by Jess Wilson
  • Initial 21 Days Clean workshop, explaining all components of the program – Thursday 29th April at 8.00pm (Facebook live)
  • 3 x 30 minute Facebook Live Workshops by Jess Wilson of Paradigm Shift Nutrition (every Monday night at 8.00pm)
  • 2 Inbody Scans (one initial and one at the end)
  • 3 x Online Yoga sessions via our Closed Facebook page

“I must admit….I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this program. Loved the food and didn’t miss the stuff that was left out. Enjoyed the live videos. Will absolutely be keeping this up as my daily routine as much as possible. Thanks.” – Jennifer Leah | 21 Days Clean Member 2019

COST | $49







If you are having difficulties signing up please contact us on 9193 7791 and we will get you all sorted.


Q. When does it begin?
A. Monday, 3rd May and finishes on Sunday, 23rd May.

Q What is the 21 Days Clean Program?
A. Our 2021 21 Days Clean Program is a 21 day program, designed to cleanse the body from the inside out. Our philosophy is simple; eat a clean wholesome diet, drink plenty of water, gets lots of sleep, train moderately and we can guarantee you will feel lighter, cleaner and wholesome! Life and Soul’s 21 Days Clean Program is an annual event which first started in 2014 and was originally designed to get our communities in the Pilbara and Kimberley feeling nourished and revitalised from the inside out.

Q. Is this an actual challenge – where there are prizes and winners at the end?
A. No – 21 Days Clean is not a public challenge. It is a program where we aim to cleanse from the inside out through your own ‘doing’’. We are here to support and guide you to feel your very best after the 21 days. There are no ‘’winners’’ – only yourself at the end!

Q. Are weigh and measures included?
A. While there are no official weight and measures, you are welcome to 2 Inbody scans, which measure your health from the inside, out. Inbody scans will give you an internal reading on lean muscle mass, hydration, body fat, your weight, mineral and protein content. The Inbody scans are an extremely useful took to measure your internal health, which may reflect how you are feeling.

Q. Who is our Nutritionist and what is her background
A. Jess Wilson is a fully certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP) and Restorative Wellness Solutions Practitioner,  who has a functional nutrition practice in Perth. She has an online functional nutrition practice in Perth and is one of only a few NTP’s in Western Australia. She completed her training with one of the world’s top foundational holistic nutrition schools in the United States. She combines the latest scientific research in nutrition with an ancestral approach to eating and is passionate about restoring wellness and function to the body through the use of nutrients.

Q. Will we be detoxing in the 21 Days Clean?
A. Yes and No. There is no harsh detox built into the program, however by supplying the body with the right mix of key healing nutrients, we start to detox naturally. Our innate intelligence prioritizes what needs to be removed first, and given the right tools will start to “clean house”. Intensive detox programs can be dangerous if not carried out when the individual is ready and can actually cause us to become more toxic if not done properly. On the 21 Day Clean program you will eat an abundance of brightly coloured vegetables that will supply your liver with plenty of detoxification nutrients. You will feel cleaner, lighter and less toxic as a result.

Q. What kind of Nutritional plan will I be using?
A. You will be provided with a Nutrient Dense Wholefoods Meal Plan with plenty of diversity for the three weeks on the program. You will also be provided with a shopping list and guidelines for healthy eating. The focus will be on eliminating processed foods and inflammatory ingredients and introducing well sourced meats, brightly coloured vegetables and fruits and healthy fats, in alignment with an ancestral approach to eating.

Q. I am quite sensitive to many foods and intolerances – can I still participate in the 21 Days Clean?
A. Most definitely. Jess, our functional nutritionist will be able to guide you through your intolerances and foods that you maybe sensitive to. We are here to help!

Q. What is included in the price?

  • access to a fully qualified Functional Nutritionist
  • an e-book which holds all your meal plans, recipes and information to get you through the 21 days
  • exclusive closed Facebook page where you get to share your recipes, motivation and ideas throughout the 21 days
  • 3 Facebook live seminars with Jess from Paradigm Shift Nutrition
  • PLUS fully motivated, inspiring and qualified supporters to get you through the 21 days
  • 2 x Inbody Scans (one at the start, one at the end)

Q. How do I join the private FB page?
A. Easy! All you have to do is search for Life and Soul 21 Days Clean 2021 and ask to join your very own exclusive group. On this page you will find great recipes, ideas, photos, motivation, videos from Jess, our functional nutritionist, and support with a large number of like-minded individuals.

Q. Should I be training throughout the 21 Days Clean?
A. We recommend combining 21 days clean with gentle exercise. The focus of the 21 days clean is your nutrition and cleansing your system – not so much on burning massive calories! We encourage you to balance out your week by choosing a combination of core and flexibility training with light cardio and weights.

Q. Is this only a Nutritional program?
Not at all!! This program is designed for mind, body and soul. Not only will you learn how to eat clean, reduce your toxic load and move in a way that works for you, but also how to create a healthy and happy mindset. 21 Days Clean is a chance to detox your body, your life and your soul.

Q. How should I sign up?
A. Scroll up and click on your club. 2021 is your year for optimum health – from the inside out! 21 days is all we ask…come join us and feel the best version of you 😊

It takes 21 days to form a habit – commit with us to clean eating and training for 21 days, creating a healthier you inside and out.

Cleanse your body, your mind, your life, your soul!




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