Week Starting 22nd August 2016

Workout of the Day

Published: 22 August 2016

Running with your Life and Soul Instructor!
30 mins jogging – set a steady pace to maintain for 30mins – You GOT THIS!

Go hard 6 times through!
Quick High Knees
Low squat pulses
Plank with side toe taps
Rear lunges alt leg
Mountain Climbers
Squat jump
Side crab crawl

Brisk walk warm up 5min
45 sec sprints 15-30 sec recovery repeat x 15 times

Repeat this circuit 6 times
200m run
20 squats
20 side leg raise ea
20 Jack Knives
20 plyometric lunges

FRIDAY Rest your legs…
in preparation for the 5km fun run on Monday!
Do this abb workout or attend body balance for a good pre-race stretch
10x Crunches
10x V up toe touches
10x Russian twists
10 x mountain climbers
10 x side plank crunch each side

WEEKEND Can you do each circuit 4 times?

Circuit 1)
10 xSquat jumps
10 xAbb walk/roll outs
10 xStep ups ea side
10 xPush ups
10 xTricep dips

Circuit 2)
15x Crunch air punch
15x Plank to leg raise ea side
15x jumping jacks
15x hip bridges
15 x line jumps side to side ea

Circuit 3)
20 x Squats
20 x bicycle crunches ea side
20 x walking lunges
20 x mountain climbers ea side
20 x high knees ea side


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