Week starting 15th August

Work out of the Day

Published: 15 August 2016

Mondays WOD is running intervals
Sprint Intervals 50 meter sprints – walk 30 secs
repeat x 20 times

Go for 4 rounds of each cicruit!
Tabata Circuit 1 – 20 sec on 10 sec rest
High knees
Plyometric (jump) lunges
Catapillers (plank on hands, walking feet up to pike position, then walk hands out…repeat)

Tabata Circuit 2 – 20 sec on 10 sec rest
Jumping Jacks
V-up’s (toes meet hands above body in V shape)
Frog jumps
Mountain Climbers

Brisk walk warm up 5min
30mins jog/ walk / jog (aim to make your jogs quicker and longer with shorter walk breaks)

THURSDAY WORKOUT – Can you do this circuit 5 times in total?

3 min Skipping
2 min Jumping jacks
1min Plank toe taps
30 sec Donkey kicks

Brisk walk warm up 5mins
100 meter sprints – walk 1 min then repeat x 10 times

WEEKEND Can you do each circuit 3 times?

Circuit 1)
30 sec Bear walk
30 sec High knees
30 sec Side lunges ea
30 sec Bicycle crunches

Circuit 2)
45 sec Plank up/downs
45 sec Rear lunges
45 sec Step ups
45 sec Russian twists

Circuit 3)
1min Skater jumps
1min Mountain climbers
1min Wall sit
1 min Skipping

Circuit 4)
30 sec Squat jumps
30 sec Tricep pushups
30 sec Back extensions
30sec Crunches


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