Week Starting 18th July 2016

Work Out of the Day

Published: 18 July 2016


30sec push-ups
1 min jump rope
30sec mountain climbers
30sec box jumps
X3 rounds

Burpees x 30sec
Pull ups x 30 sec
Star jumps sec
Plank toe touch 30 sec

How many rounds can you do in 20 mins?


High knees
Bum kicks
Star jumps
Tiger crawl
Jump squats
Decline push-ups
Lunges off bench

200m run

Repeat for 25mins to feel the BURN!

4 times through

Skipping 1min

Squats x50
Tricep dips x40
Mountain climber x 30
Skater jumps x20
Burpees x10

Rest & repeat x 4

THURSDAY WORKOUT – Can you do this circuit 4 times in total?
30 seconds each exercise, 45sec second round, 1 min third round, 30 sec fourth round

1.Plank with pike
2.Side plank with twist
3.Russian twist
4.Plank running man x 30secs
5.Step up with leg swing
6.Close squat with lunge
7.Alt leg slide (towel under foot)
8.Hip abductor raises plank position
9.Lateral squats with jumps in-between
10.Step ups with reverse lunge
11.Calf jumps
12.Pike push ups

Fast as you can FRIDAY!
24 Squats
24 Push-ups
24 Lunges
24 tricep dips
400m run
Can you complete 5 rounds in 20mins?

WEEKEND – Have your cake and eat it…but only after this workout 😉

Can you do each circuit 4 times?

Warm up x 2
1min each
Side steps
High knees
Bum flicks

Work out

Circuit 1
Frog jumps x10
Push up to Burpee x10
Walking lunge over head weight x10 each

Circuit 2
Sit ups 10-20
Star jumps x20
Sumo Squats x 15

Circuit 3
Step ups x 10 each
Mountain climbers 20 each side
Tricep push up x 10

Circuit 4 Abbs
Leg raises x30 seconds
Plank x 30
Side plank x 30 seconds
Other side plank x 30 seconds

Cool down/ stretch


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