Week Starting 11th July 2016

Work out of the Day

Published: 11 July 2016

MONDAY Start your week with a BANG!
20 pushups
20 Jack knifes
20 Prisoner Squats
20 Plank Jacks
20 Renegade rows
How long does it take for you to do 7 rounds?

Your only as tough as your workout!
Go for 4 rounds of each!
Mt Climbers
Side to side jumps
Russian twists
Step ups
High knees

WEDNESDAY WORKOUT –Hump day madness!
4 times through

10 x burpees
20x situps
30 x burpees
40x situps
50 x burpees
40 x situps
30x burpees
20x situps
10x burpees

Rest & repeat x 4

THURSDAY WORKOUT – Thirsty Thrashing!
Can you give us 4 rounds? YES!

1min Jumping Jacks
10sec rest
1 minute Skater jump
10sec rest
1min Burpee
10sec rest
1min squat jump
10seconds rest
1min front plank
10sec rest
1 min tricep dip
10sec rest
1 min high knees
30sec walking on spot cool down.

Fast as you can FRIDAY!
20x pushups
40x jump squats
60x star jumps
80x plyo lunges
100x high knees

Can you complete 6 rounds in 20mins?

WEEKEND Workit and make it count!
Do each circuit 3 times
Circuit 1)
45 secs Crunches
45 secs Mountain Climbers
45 secs V ups
Jog 200 metres

Circuit 2)
45 secs Superman
45 secs Side heel taps
45 secs reverse crunch
Jog 200 metres

Circuit 3)
45 secs Plank jacks
45 secs Russian twists
45 secs Supermans
Jog 200 metres

Circuit 4)
1min crunches
1min plank
1min superman
1 min Sprint


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