Want faster results?

Personal Training definitely is the answer.

From weight loss, to building muscle, preparing for competition, or just to increase your general health, we have personal trainers and packages to suit your needs.

Contact us directly to discuss your goals and book a free consultation with a Trainer to decide what package will suit you best.

Personal Training Packages


The 6 WEEK SOUL ACHIEVER is our signature package – $729 for 6 weeks.

Designed for those who have a definite goal in mind or just need a good ‘kick start’ back into training. SOUL ACHIEVER is very goal specific and aimed at getting the results you want in 42 days.

  • 6 week membership;
  • 12 personal training sessions * 30mins;
  • 12 extra sessions of either RPM, GRIT or KI-MAX (able to mix these up ie a client could have 1 session of RPM and 1 session of GRIT per week;
  • Life and Soul Back pack;
  • Personal training towel;
  • Life and Soul drink bottle;
  • Life and Soul Personal Training singlet;
  • goal setting;
  • weekly exercise schedule;
  • full fitness assessment and analysis, tanita scales summary;
  • full dietary analysis on going nutritional support via food diary;
  • SHAKE IT Dietry plan from ABUNDANCE HEALTH;
  • regular weigh ins and measurements;
  • supplement consultation;
  • maintenance program for when you are not training with with your Personal Trainer;
  • 24hr/7days per week support.


From $99.00 (conditions apply)

The SOUL STARTER PACK is designed for those people, who have not ever used a gymnasium before, would like extra training for form and technique or simply would like to try the personalized form of personal training.

If you are looking for a new program, more advice on training techniques or looking for a ‘kickstart’ back into training, then this pack will suit you.

  • initial health consultation;
  • 3 x 30min personal training sessions;
  • tailored training program;
  • goal setting;
  • weekly schedule;
  • fitness, nutritional and training tips.


From $49.00 (conditions apply)

The SOUL RESULT SESSIONS are designed for those who want a flexible personal training package.

Personal training sessions can be bought in packs of 10 or 20 (and more) of either 30min or 45min sessions and can be tailored to suit your needs with times and days.

SOUL RESULTS includes:
  • One on one training
  • Life and Soul Gym Towel and Water Bottle (10 PLUS SESSIONS ONLY) on initial purchase;
  • Club pass;
  • Full fitness assessment and tanita analysis;
  • Goal planning;
  • Full dietary analysis (plus nutrition complete program – only to 10 PLUS SESSIONS ONLY FOR THREE MONTHS);
  • Life and Soul Health Meal Plan, goal form and weekly exercise schedule;
  • Regular weigh ins and measurements;
  • Supplement consultation.
Packs30 min sessions45 min sessions

**Please note; these passes do not include membership to the Club.

SOUL ANGELS – Beginners program

Because we know how intimidating gyms and health clubs can be! – $399

SOUL ANGELS is for those who have not previously exercised, feel a little overwhelmed by the gym, but really want to get in and feel healthier, happier and fitter.

You may have just had a baby, decided to get fit and lose a bit of weight or have recently arrived in town and looking for a way to meet like minded people. SOUL ANGELS is small group training (no more than 8 participants), where you train twice a week and then enjoy small workshops on healthier living and eating.

This is an eight week program, designed to look after you! Call the Club today to find out when our next SOUL ANGELS is starting.

You are always stronger than you think you are. Go explore your boundaries and be the person you dream to be!


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