Life & Soul’s Annual 6 week Christmas Cracker Challenge begins on Monday 15th October 2018.

Transform your mind and body. Whether YOUR GOAL is weight loss, to increase muscle tone or to kickstart healthy life habits…then this challenge is for you!

What you get!

* Weekly exclusive training sessions with Life and Soul
* 2 x Health assessment face to face
* Choice of categories to enter – Total Body Transformation or Lean and Strong
* Inbody Scan – Click here to read all about the Inbody Scan.
* Fitness testing at start and finish of 6 week challenge – First testing to be held on Saturday 13th October @ 7.00am
* Complete nutritional support with meal plans and recipes by Paradigm Shift Nutrition
* Exclusive nutritional seminar at your club by Jess Wilson of Paradigm Shift Nutrition – Wednesday, 10th October @ 6.30pm 
* Maintenance meal plan once 6 week challenge has finished
* Cracker Wellness workshops delivered by Jess Wilson from Paradigm Shift Nutrition
* 1:1 opportunity with our qualified Functional Nutritionist, Jess Wilson from Paradigm Shift Nutrition
* Access to 10 training videos
* 24/7 support through email and private facebook Page
* 6 x Super Saturday OR Sunday Group Session
* ‘Cracker of the Week’ award
* Exclusive merchandise pack (includes: Cracker Tshirt, Bag, Towel, socks & Waterbottle )
* Entry into Life and Soul’s Annual Members Christmas Party
* Plus bonus weekly challenges
* Discounted rates on 1:1 Personal Training Sessions
* Discounted rate on all supplements sold at your club
* Passionate, dedicated and committed Life and Soul & F45 staff


There is no other better way to get fit and healthy than with the Christmas Cracker Challenge. Make the commitment and be a healthier you for the festive season!!




 $199 or 4 equal payments of $49.75

Non Members

Includes Life and Soul Membership | $346 or 4 equal payments of $86.50

 Includes F45 Training Membership | $553  or 4 equal payments of $138.25

How to Sign up? Either come into the club and sign up or click below to do it all ONLINE!




Check out what Tori has to say about her experience with the Cracker.


Q. What is the Christmas Cracker Challenge?
A. The Christmas Cracker Challenge is a fun 6 week challenge designed to help you on your health and fitness journey. The challenge has options to suit all fitness levels and experience to have you feeling fit and looking fabulous for Christmas.

Q. When does this 6 week challenge start and finish?
A. The challenge starts on Monday 15th October – Sunday 25th November (42 days)

Q. What are the categories I can enter for this challenge?
A. We have 2 main categories you can enter which are Total Body Transformation or Lean and Strong. At your first assessment your trainer will help you choose which category is best for you.

Q. Is my progress being tracked?
A. Yes! You will receive a fitness assessment with a Personal Trainer who will take your measurements and before and after photos. Please book your fitness assessment at Reception or online.

There will also be a large progress chart on the wall with your name on it. You will be able to use this chart to track your daily exercise and nutrition progress.

Q. Is completing the progress chart compulsory?
A. Absolutely! The progress chart is one of the many ways we can keep you on track. We also use the chart to determine who the most committed participants are over the 6 week challenge.

Q. What if I am away during the challenge, can I still do it?
A. Yes of course you can! The Trainers are here to help you so if you are away you can still complete our Workout of the Day, you have access to 10 training videos showing a variety of workouts. You can access these at the exclusive closed Facebook page. You can contact us to update your progress chart.

Q. What type of training will I be doing?
A. You have access to daily Small Group Training (7 sessions per week), which is a combination of strength, cardio, core and flexibility – held at different times throughout the 6 weeks of the Cracker. In addition, you also have access to our 24hr gymnasium. To top off the training week, our infamous Super Saturday/Sunday sessions will be running once again – these are not to be missed! Also Cracker 2018 are our on-line training videos – giving you the flexibility to train where you like, when you like, providing a great resource of training programs to keep you motivated and hungry for more. With a huge variety in training, your goals are one step closer!

Q. Do I receive a Nutrition Meal plan?
A. You sure do! You will receive a nutrition plan from Naed Nutrition via email on 9th October. This nutrition plan is designed on your category and whether you are male or female. The nutrition plan covers you the whole 6 weeks giving you guidance and providing nutritious recipes. Jess from Paradigm Shift Nutrition will be conducting a Nutritional Seminar in your club, Wednesday, 10th October at 6.30m. o

Q. How do I pay for the challenge?
A. You can pay online or visit reception. You are able to pay upfront or 4 easy installments.

Q. Am I allowed to drink coffee or alcohol during the challenge?
A. The Christmas Cracker Challenge is an alcohol-free challenge. You are allowed to drink caffeine, however, is it best to avoid coffee for optimum results. You are granted two tap out days during the 6 week challenge. This allows you to consume a meal of your choice.

Q. What do I receive when I sign up?
A. You will receive a Christmas Cracker Merchandise bag containing a water bottle, towel, socks and singlet. (limited packs per club) PLUS a great sense of belonging and acheivement!

Q. What do I do now?
A. Are you a Life and Soul Member click here. If you are NOT a member click here. Take the challenge and get excited.

If you have any further questions please contact your chief cracker Karlee Orr at karleeo@lifeandsoul.com.au

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